Founded in 1949 in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Nutrinor is a cooperative that now has over 650 employees, whose mission is to join forces with the earth to sustainably increase collective wealth.  A leader when it comes to manufacturing unique dairy products, Nutrinor promotes the distinctive characteristics of its members’ “Nordic” milk.


“To join forces with those of the earth, to sustainably increase the collective wealth”

  • Joining forces with those of the earth: Nutrinor remains very tied to its origins that have been to make the most of the land by joining the strengths of its members, its talents, its knowledge and its experiences
  • To sustainably increase the collective wealth: Nutrinor is driven by a desire to sustainably increase the collective wealth in its home communities, while respecting four interrelated dimensions of sustainable development, the reconciliation of economic progress. and social with the preservation of the environment and the promotion of ethical governance

“A single identity co-operative in full swing, propelled by the authenticity of its resources and the strength of its brand”

  • A single-identity cooperative: Nutrinor will stand out for its close relationship with its members and clients, its ethical approach based on participatory governance, its support for sustainable development and the enhancement of its northern
  • In full swing: Nutrinor will act as a leader in its community, developing value chains, having influence in its environment, while continuing to perform better than its target markets
  • The authenticity of its resources: Nutrinor will be recognized not only for its learning organization approach, but also for the authenticity of its human resources and that of all its inputs, including the ingredients of its products.
  • The strength of its brand: Nutrinor will have a very defined signature that will be expressed through a brand highly recognized in the region and out of the region, both for what we offer and for how we do it
Our values


Innovation means being open to new ideas in order to renew our offer of products or services, to adopt new ways of doing things, or even to develop new ways of interacting with our employees, our members, our partners and our partners. customers. We promote a framework that allows creativity and participation.


Recognition involves cultivating respect for individual and collective contributions. We use different types of gestures to convey concrete signs on a continuous basis, both internally and externally.


Accountability implies management that allows for more initiative and creativity, thus facilitating adaptation to continual change. We put in place a culture that encourages: delegation; trust; proactivity; the responsibility; the partnership; and commitment to sustainable development.


Transparency means that we are responsible for the actions we take, our service delivery and the products we market. We communicate quality and complete information, which assumes that it is accurate, accessible and understandable. We adopt an ethical governance approach. We must always speak truth, be sincere and be able to justify our actions and decisions.

History of Nutrinor

  1. 1940

    Cooperatives assist farmers early in modernization

    For the integration of certain markets, the improvement of productivity and assistance to producers, the cooperatives erect several critical infrastructures and engage in the sale of petroleum products and agricultural machinery.

  2. 1960

    Establishment of crop insurance

    The 1960s gave rise to a dangerous economic context for regional producers. To improve their lot, the focus is on training their members and representing them in organizations that may influence the future of agriculture. These steps lead to the creation of crop insurance.

  3. 1967

    Foundation of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Dairy Cooperative Association

    In response to the problem of insufficient milk flow in small dairy plants, in 1967, the Dairy Cooperative Association of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean was created. In addition to ensuring a better distribution of milk for the production of by-products, it brings together small productions to enable them to compete with large factories.

  4. 1972

    The Saguenay Cooperative Chain is developing the Poultry and Swine Cooperative

    The Saguenay Cooperative Chain is setting up the Poultry and Pork Cooperative to meet consumer demand in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

  5. 1980

    The Dairy Cooperative Association of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is renamed Nutrinor
  6. 1989

    Nutrinor buys quotas from the Saguenay Poultry and Poultry Cooperative

    The merger of Nutrinor with the Saguenay Cooperative Chain allows the institution to be better equipped to continue its development. Despite several reorganizations that affect the dairy sector in particular, Nutrinor continues to progress and modernize.

    Acquisition and diversification of its products

    In the era of globalization and to face the new realities of the trade Nutrinor enters a phase of diversification of its products.

  7. 2009

    Start of partnership with Boucherie Charcuterie Perron inc.

    Integrating sustainable development into our mission and values

  8. 2011

    Merger of the Grains d’Or Cooperative with Nutrinor

    The merger of the Grains d’Or Cooperative with Nutrinor will optimize service to members in the Lac Saint-Jean Est sector.